LSU Graduate Mollie Smoak Awarded Ford Fellowship

BATON ROUGE – Mollie Smoak, a May 2016 graduate in biological engineering from Lafayette, La., has been awarded a fellowship in the 2016 Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs competition administered by the Fellowships Office of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Smoak is one of 60 students awarded a fellowship …

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Alumnus Creates Mobile App for On-The-Go Job Seekers

Scott Wilkes

LSU alumnus Scott Wilkes, with the help of the LSU Student Incubator, created an app he describes as “Craigslist on the go.” Wilkes said his iPhone app squik allows users to post odd jobs from dog sitting to picking up groceries, and others can pick up those jobs and make …

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Leslie Morgan: Living College Life in the Fast Lane

Leslie Morgan

Leslie Morgan is living college life in the fast lane—figuratively and literally. Morgan, a computer science sophomore, is developing her first start-up, and she’s one of only a handful of women currently on the LSU TigerRacing Formula SAE team. Morgan, who has had an interest in cars since she was …

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Student Entrepreneurs Share Their Keys to Success

Student Entrepreneur

Many students who have chosen to enter the field of engineering are faced with the task of balancing rigorous coursework, adjusting to the raised expectations of higher learning, and developing and maintaining a viable social and professional network. However, there are a select number of individuals who choose to take …

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