Society of Peer Mentors Wins the Most Engaged Student Organization Contest of 2016-17

Society of Peer Mentors Wins the Most Engaged Student Organization Contest of 2016-17
The Society of Peer Mentors is the LSU College of Engineering’s winner for the Most Engaged Student Organization of 2016-2017. The College hosted this contest for a second year to promote student organizations and reward those most involved, both on and off campus. Eight organizations from various interests and disciplines competed this year. This honor is given to the student organization with the most points. Points were earned by engaging on social media and attending events throughout the academic year. We sat down with the historian of the society, Stephanie Wasmuth, to learn more about the Society of Peer Mentors and what they do.
What is Society of Peer Mentors?
The Society of Peer Mentors is a student organization that brings together all the disciplines in the college of engineering and provides a chance to gain mentoring and leadership experience, while also promoting STEM to schools and students in the community. It also serves to help the transition and retention of students into and through the college of engineering.

What does Society of Peer Mentors do throughout the year?
Society of Peer Mentors is a very active organization, so we do a lot throughout the year, such as outreaches at local schools during their STEM nights. We are also involved in LASM STEM night at Progress Elementary day, helping freshman with scheduling at ERC scheduling night, and mentoring local robotics teams (in FRC, FLL and VEX). Not to mention all the meetings, fundraisers, leadership trainings and fun social events we have.

What was your favorite event the society hosted this year?
We had a laser tag event in August that was just unbelievably awesome. So many people came, including mentors and non-mentors. We just spent hours playing laser tag, eating and hanging out.

What is the best part about being a mentor?
The experiences and opportunities that become available to you. From meeting new people to the projects or initiatives you can start.

How has being a peer mentor affected your time here at LSU?
I’ve been a mentor since I was a freshman, so I really don’t know college life without it. The two just go together at this point. But I can say being a peer mentor has made me more of a leader than I ever thought possible. I’ve also met so many incredible people.

What traits does a peer mentor hold?
Peer mentors are leaders not only in the college but in the community, as well. They are people that set an example for respectfulness, integrity, accountability and always do what’s right even if it is not necessarily easy. A peer mentor has the ability, not only to communicate effectively, but listen and keep an open mind, as well.SPM Retreat

How do you become a peer mentor?
Society of Peer Mentors generally has their application process in the spring semester. There is then an interviewing process where you are interviewed by leaders in the organization. After you are accepted, you have to go to leadership trainings to be considered an active member and from there just get involved!

What does #IAmAnLSUEngineer mean to you?
LSU is a unique place in and of itself, but being an engineer at LSU is an experience all on its own. Your experience here molds how you look at the world and face problems.

Final words about the Society of Peer Mentors:
If you are in the College of Engineering and not a part of this organization, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity. Apply!!


To learn more about SPM, you can visit their Facebook page. Interview by Sydney Larriviere, communications intern, College of Engineering.

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